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We try to expose our information in consumable ways as much as we can. Though everything is still being build, more information for these can be found on our GitHub.


By having a Tanker account, you gian access to an API token which allows your to query API endpoints.

Though only the free plan is enabled, here are the types of API access plans we currently wish to offer:

  • Free (50 requests / day)
  • Premium (1, 000 requests / day) [very small $]
  • Partner (10, 000 requests / day) [small $]
  • Unlimited [more $]

* This list of calls is not exhaustive and the process needs to be thoroughly documented. *



    id: 2,
    name: "Nirvana",
    slug: "nirvana",
    thumbnail: 1,
    is_featured: null,
    created_at: "2017-09-18 15:54:08",
    updated_at: "2017-09-18 15:56:38",
    hex: "#725917"



    id: 10,
    name: "Nevermind",
    slug: "nevermind",
    artist_id: 2,
    year: null,
    month: null,
    day: null,
    thumbnail: 1,
    created_at: "2017-09-18 15:54:08",
    updated_at: "2017-09-18 15:58:10",
    hex: "#2B3E83"



    id: 145,
    name: "Smells Like Teen Spirit",
    slug: "smells-like-teen-spirit",
    artist_id: 2,
    album_id: 10,
    youtube_key: "hTWKbfoikeg",
    length: 302,
    position_int: 1,
    position: "1",
    created_at: "2017-09-18 15:54:08",
    updated_at: "2017-09-18 16:40:00"


All of our resources expose oEmbed data as JSON. You can query us using the following URL, where you would replace the url= with the URL you are looking to embed:

Open Search

We support open search as defined by our opensearch.osdx file.