We wish to give you an easy and fun way to rate tracks and albums organically and accurately. We aspire to build a taste map of the music you and your friends listen to.

First launched on the December 30th 1999, The Music Tank has been around under a form or another for a long time now.

We are a team of music enthusiasts who work together to build a place where people come hang out and discuss music.


I had started The Music Tank back in 1999 because I wished for a sandbox in which I could play and learn how to build websites. How have things changed since then, whether in our personal lives, in the music industry or on the Internet itself.

TMT has had many lives along the way, but there is one moment that I remember particularly fondly. In 2003, the website shifted towards being less news centric and thus became a place where people would hang out. We didn't have the pretension of being able to compete in quality or quantity of content against the myriad of other music websites and we just began to have fun. We were a community - albeit a small one - and we'd spend whole days hanging out on the message boards.

Maybe you are one of the few who might remember this era. If you were not, have no worries: you are now part of this bright new one.

The idea behind this iteration of TMT first came to me while I was painstakingly writing a review for a band I did not particularly enjoy. English not being my first language, I felt like what I was writing was bland and imprecise. The whole process was no longer a particularly enjoyable one.

I thought of making a reviewing tool that would automatically and accurately measure what I thought of a release without having to write it down.

Since then, web-based technologies have evolved and so has my developer skill set. I have built the tool I imagined, but in the end, your pooled opinions hold much more value than mine alone. This is why I've built a social website around the reviewing tool.

Hopefully you will enjoy the time you spend here. It means a lot to me to see you.

Thanks for coming :)

Notable Tankers

Here a few of the people (and bots!) that are a big part of the adventure.

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